A review of richard krauts two conceptions of happiness

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A review of richard krauts two conceptions of happiness

One of the most fascinatingly telling incidents to this effect occurred in a library at the University of Washington around Januaryshortly after Trump had delivered his inauguration speech. Although the incident was undoubtedly a source of amusement to many, to me the surreal confrontation highlighted not only just how deeply rotten modern day American culture had become, but also the clear extent to which East Asian and non-East Asian cultural values had diverged in the 21st century.

In my opinion, equating the problem with the political left misses the heart of the matter entirely.


Left-wing political correctness is merely a symptom of the more insidious underlying disease, which as Amy Chua alluded to in her now infamous essay Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, is the American obsession with self-esteem. Dunning-Kruger and the East Asian Exception That Americans tend to seek positive feelings of self-worth is a well-known fact that extends beyond Tiger Mother style anecdotes.

For instance, the famous Dunning-Kruger effect typically shows that less competent individuals have a tendency to overrate their actual ability more so relative to more competent individuals. East Asians though are a clear exception to the Dunning-Kruger phenomenon as observed.

In research comparing North American and East Asian self-assessments, Heine of the University of British Columbia finds that East Asians tend to underestimate their abilities, with an aim toward improving the self and getting along with others.

There are cultural, social and individual motives behind these tendencies, Heine and colleagues observe in a paper in the October Psychological Review Vol. Because people in these cultures have different motivations, they make very different choices, Heine adds.

East Asians, though, view a poor performance as an invitation to try harder. For instance, this kind of cultural grit also seems to align closely with observations made by others that observed East Asian IQ generally tends to have little correlation with SES, perhaps due to robustness against environmental deprivation arising from centuries of Malthusian selection.

Given that non-East Asians are especially vulnerable to the dangers of bad influences, it might not be unreasonable to assume that whites suffer from the negative consequences of multiculturalism far more than East Asians might under similar circumstances.

Black Rednecks and White Liberals. East Asian Sufferance In part because of their own cultural resilience, East Asians are often marginalized in American society and rendered invisible. Yet discussions of affirmative action in the mainstream media oftentimes render Asian Americans entirely invisible, obliviously treating the matter as though it were white conservatives on the one hand versus blacks and Hispanics on the other, the issue of contention being the discrimination against whites in favor of minorities in this country.

Numerous mainstream organizations such as the New York Times initially referred to the investigation as one by the Trump administration into possible discrimination by colleges against white applicants.

One generally got the impression that Asian Americans were a group deprived of any real agency, instead being merely hapless pawns in the Game of Thrones pitting whites on the one hand against blacks and Hispanics on the other. For instance, we constantly hear the mainstream media bemoaning the fact that Silicon Valley lacks diversity and is too white and male.

On the other hand, Asian Americans generally tend to be overrepresented, a fact which I alluded to in my previous article. A thing need not be identical with itself at all because of the fluid nature of reality.

A review of richard krauts two conceptions of happiness

Indeed, the well-established phenomenon of Asian bashing often seems to transcend many of the ideological fault lines otherwise dividing white Americans in this country. One of the more disappointing revelations in my opinion has been the extraordinary ambivalence of many right-wing whites towards clear anti-Asian discrimination in this country.

On various alt-right blogs where themes such as race realism and affirmative action are often discussed, when it comes to the issue of Asian Americans and meritocracy, many right-wing whites seemingly abandon their principles whole.

Thus, while these individuals formerly denounced discrimination against whites in favor of blacks and Hispanics, we all of a sudden hear that Asian American academic success is merely the result of cheating and gaming the system.

Some also suggest that colleges should take into consideration non-academic factors such as maintaining a certain campus culture or favoring those who might be more likely to donate to the school as alumni. The fluidity with which white Americans commit to the principle of meritocracy certainly transcends mere personal anecdote.

For instance, University of Miami assistant professor of sociology Frank L. But when these white people are focused on the success of Asian-American students, their views change. Half were simply asked to assign the importance they thought various criteria should have in the admissions system of the University of California.

The other half received a different prompt, one that noted that Asian Americans make up more than twice as many undergraduates proportionally in the UC system as they do in the population of the state.Following the bomb attacks on the King David Hotel, and the killing of the two British sergeants at Natanya, there were large anti-Jewish riots in August in Liverpool, Eccles, Salford and Manchester, and smaller incidents in Plymouth, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Devonport and Newcastle.

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All these beautiful boys lying dead there, right in front of me, right at my feet. Stomach open, you know, with their guts on my shoes.

June 30, 2011

Like the end of the bloody world. Beautiful men, enlisted by the Krauts, black as the ace of spades; poor fools didn’t even know why they were there, what people they were fighting for, who they were shooting at. Copyright by Melissa Elliott Skidmore The Dissertation Committee for Melissa Elliott Skidmore Certifies that this is the approved version of the following.

Two conceptions of happiness. Richard Kraut. Philosophical Review 88 (2) () Authors Richard Kraut Northwestern University Abstract I argue that the many similarities between what aristotle says about "eudaimonia" and what we say about happiness justify the traditional translation of "eudaimonia" as "happiness." Author: Richard Kraut.

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