Aqa gcse physics coursework

When you can get your results Although the exams will cover more challenging content, students will not be disadvantaged by being the first to sit the new GCSEs. Broadly the same number of students will get grades 1, 4 and 7 and above as would have got G, C or A and above in the old system.

Aqa gcse physics coursework

Physics syllabus which was last examined in Please refer instead to details of our brand new IGCSE Physics course which does not require coursework or controlled assessment.

We have chosen this specification as the most suited to home schooling. Physics 1 How is heat thermal energy transferred and what factors affect the rate at which heat is transferred? What is meant by the efficient use of energy? Why are electrical devices so useful?

How should we generate the electricity we need? What are the uses and hazards of the waves that form the electromagnetic spectrum? What are the uses and dangers of emissions from radioactive substances? What do we know about the universe and how it continues to change?

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Physics 2 How can we describe the way things move? How do we make things speed up or slow down? What happens to the movement energy when things speed up or slow down?

What is static electricity, how can it be used and what is the connection between static electricity and electric currents? What does the current through an electrical circuit depend on? What is mains electricity and how can it be used safely?

Why do we need to know the power of electrical appliances? What happens to radioactive substances when they decay? What are nuclear fission and nuclear fusion? Physics 3 How do forces have a turning effect? What keeps bodies moving in a circle?

What provides the centripetal force for planets and satellites? What do mirrors and lenses do to light?

Aqa gcse physics coursework

What is ultrasound and how can it be used? How can electricity be used to make things move? How do generators work? What is the life history of stars? Special Requirements Some basic mathematical skills are assumed.

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Aqa gcse physics coursework

16 lessons that cover the required course content for ‘FORCES’ from the New AQA GCSE Physics course. Includes: Progress checks Worked examples Activities Multimedia resources Required practicals Summary questi.

GCSE Physics: Feedback on the exams Course focus. This AQA training event will provide feedback on the examination papers from the first GCSE exams for the new specification. Our trainer will use exemplar work to give you feedback on student performance and highlight common areas in which students did well and less well.

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Ideal for cheating during the statistics coursework chair maryland md phd creative writing service forum statistics. 5 days ago · GCSE grade boundaries for AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas, WJEC, CCEA Coursework and controlled assessment will disappear from most subjects, apart from practical ones such as art, dance and.

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