Goa birds

The forests of Goa form the part of Western Ghats. The resort was tucked along the dense forest, which was just about 5kms from Mollem and adjacent to the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. The cottage we were allotted was cozy and spacious. A veranda that reminded me of my home-town.

Goa birds

Walk behind its library building and you will pass by a few buildings and many trees.


Stand in front of any trees and you will see birds flying around. Look for a dry tree with no leaves and this is your best bet to photograph birds.

Goa birds

A pair of White-throated Kingfishers Pro Tip — After a long birding walk, eat the student snacks or food in one of the canteens. It is like going back to college days. This is where a lot of people land up because of the bird sanctuary tag, but we have never found many birds there.

However, this is a great place to take a small boat and go through waters and spot birds that live on the edges of the river. Just take a ferry to Chorao island and wander around or take a boat ride in Mandovi.

You can walk along the waters and see many birds away from any road and hence traffic.

Locations for bird watching

Just walk around the narrow roads and keep looking up, on the trees. You may have crossed this on your way to famous Baga and Calangute villages. Although you can find birds in most deserted parts of the Pilerne industrial estate, our favorite spot is closer to Nerul river.

Purple Swamphen in flight Verna Plateau A flock of Glossy Ibis in flight This plateau in South Goa is also an industrial estate, but if you can get a bit away from the industrial corridors, you would see wilderness and yes, birds. Walk around and you would see not just birds but also crabs on the edges of Mandovi River next to the mangroves.

You can see the locals fishing in small ponds. Birds are in the fields, on the naked wires and on trees which are not aplenty on this island. Do you know Divar island is the favorite of the advertisers, you would have seen it in many ad films.

As you trek to the falls or walk through the tracks leading to Dudhsagar falls, you will find birds. You just need to be away from noisy tourist vehicles.

Birds do not like too much noise. Till then enjoy the views of Mandovi, some backwaters with the birds of Goa. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Baya Weaver, Birding in Goa Cotigao wildlife sanctuary at the southern tip of Goa is home to many hidden streams and waterfalls.

Historical places, national parks and bird watching activities Those who visit India for the first time to watch the endemic birds of tropical rainforests are coming here, to Goa. The best place to watch the birds is the foothills of the Western Ghats.

With so many water bodies around, birds cannot be far away. Keep your telephoto lenses ready. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Purple Heron in flight The Mhadei wildlife sanctuary is located in the hinterlands of Goa, away from its popular beaches or main towns.

You would typically go here for whitewater rafting during monsoons. Go here for birding anytime. Most birders would head to Morjim to see these birds but we usually meet them at our neighborhood beach at Miramar. We sometimes just stop at random places, closer to water bodies and fields, and more often than not this is our birding in Goa.

There are several varieties of these birds that are hard to identify without some expert help. The Presence of so many varieties of Birds in Goa is a hallmark of the Biodiversity and beauty of nature.

Goa birds

Nature lovers, Birding in Goa can be a great experience, additionally, you will find more biodiversity over and above birds.Birds and Breakfast gives you the best bird watching experience at the birding site for one of your most enjoyable mornings in Goa and beyond.

Siolim One of the quietest villages in North Goa. The place is located on the bank of the River Chapora and is surrounded by palm trees and tropical foliage. The first comprehensive checklist of the birds of Goa by Heinz Lainer listed species.

This was followed by a revision of the list by Lainer, [5] which listed species, Parag Rangnekar's compilation, [7] which listed species, ZSI publication on Fauna of Goa [8] which listed species, and the third revision by Lainer, [6] which.

Goa is a home to a wide variety of birds. Those who visit India for the first time to watch the endemic birds of tropical rainforests are coming here, to Goa.

Birding in Goa offers an opportunity to sight an amazing diversity of resident birds and also find a variety of Western Palearctic species. Nine of the sixteen species of Western Ghats endemic birds have also been reported from Goa.

Birdquest's Goa birding tour is a real holiday, with great birdwatching available from just two different accommodations over a two week period.

Our Goa tour turns up a a very diverse list of birds with minimal travelling involved. Goa This checklist includes all bird species found in Goa, based on the best information available at this time.

It is based on a wide variety of sources that I .

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