Mech unsw thesis

Kerry Byrne's main activities were in industrial noise control and were motivated by extensive consulting activities in the power generating industry. Several significant inventions arose from this work, including dissipative silencers for heat exchangers and very large reactive silencers.

Mech unsw thesis

He received his B. During his undergraduate study, he was enrolled in the joint training program of innovation genomics research. His jobs focus on single tumor cell sequencing, and he published several articles in journals. He is currently working under the supervision of Prof.

Majid Warkiani and Prof. Afterwards, he completed his Master degree at Tehran University, Iran, as a first rank student in Biomedical Engineering in During his Master thesis, he focused on microfluidic devices, especially their numerical modeling in terms of micromixing, droplet generation, and polymerase chain reaction PCR ; and established a keen interest in modeling in microscales.

As an engineer, he developed an interest in statistical optimization methods and began to apply these to microfluidic devices. Mahsa Asadnia is a PhD candidate in the school of science and engineering at Macquarie University.

She has great experiences on synthesis and characterization of artificial enzymes, nanocompounds, dendrimers and organic materials. She is currently working under the supervision of Dr. Mukhopadhyay MQand Dr. Her current research interests focus on human Mesenchymal Stem cells, 3D stem cell culture, Microcarriers and Tissue engineering.

He is working on design and development of novel microfluidic systems for large-scale manufacturing of Stem Cells using SMART micro-carries and also development of new tools for extraction and study of exosomes.

He received his BSc degree in the field of genetics. Inhe completed his Master degree in Bioscience and Biotechnology with special focus on cancer biology from University Technology Malaysia. Afterwards, inhe joined to one of the top research institute in Iran known as Royan Institute of Stem Cells Biology and Technology as research assistant in the field of cancer genetics and molecular oncology.

Mech unsw thesis

Hamidreza has interest in molecular and cellular biology of lung cancer, lung tumor microenvironment, tumor-on-chip, and cancer immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

In his current research project, he involves assessment of epigenetic modifications in transformation of non-small cell lung cancer to small cell lung cancer in addition to modeling NSCLC transformation and drug screening of resistance lung cancer cells against immunotherapy agents in a novel microfluidic system.

In addition, she has conducted research on cancer cells in the microfluidic environment.


She is currently working under the supervision of Prof. Majid Warkiani on design and fabrication of microfluidic systems for intracellular delivery. She received her M. In his MSc thesis, he investigated the fluid behavior within different types of microfluidic components including micromixers and micropumps.

This includes unsteady pulsating flow in valve-less micropumps as flow rectifiers and combined passive and active electroosmotic methods to enhance micro-mixing efficiency.

His current research involves microfluidic co-culture systems. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering-Thermo fluid from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, in with first class honors in bachelor degree; afterwards, he continued his education in Mechanical Engineering-Energy Conversion in modeling of gas pipeline rupture granted by Provincial Gas Company, and received his MSc degree from FUM, Iran, in He is currently working on large-scale cell separation from manufactured cell product by exploiting Inertial Microfluidic techniques under the supervision of Dr.

He was Executive Director of the Conference of HPV and cervical cancer, screening tests for fetal and prenatal genetic tests in 19th January She co-published two papers and a book.

Majid Warkiani, and Associate Prof.

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Then, he moved to Australia to undertake a master degree at Griffith University, investigating microneedles as a technique for drug delivery enhancement in diverse organs and tissues.

He received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Shahrood University and a Master degree in Energy Conversion from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, which is the largest and oldest university across the east of Iran.

She is currently working as a visiting student under the supervision of Prof. Her current research involves mechanical behavior of cancer cells and their migration and invasion ability using 3D microfluidic systems.SB Thesis Information.

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Covers and clips are available at the Mech E Undergraduate Office – covers are also available at the Library Archives in 14N 4. Sign the title.

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The program leads to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and is designed to provide the appropriate academic training for the professional engineer in the fields of Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering and Naval Architecture.

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Nature and form of organisation of new business. Thesis Dissertation: Microscopic and Macroscopic Spray Characterisation of Biodiesel in a Specially Built and Fabricated Constant Volume Spray Chamber Bhilai Institute of Technology Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Mechanical Engineering, /10Title: Ph.D student at UNSW, Australia.

Mech unsw thesis
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