Principles of welding

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Principles of welding

Admin 0 Comments typesWelding Sharing is Caring: This welding is same as TiG welding except a non-consumable electrode replaced by consumable electrode wire. This process is automated or semi-automated arc welding process in which inert gases are used as shielding gas and a consumable wire electrode is used.

This welding was developed to welding aluminum or other non-ferrous metals in Now days, this is find in every industrial or manufacturing process due to its high speed, easy operation and easily automated qualities. It is mostly used in sheet metal industries or in automobile industries.

Principles of welding

Mig works on same principle of TIG or arc welding. It works on basic principle of heat generation due to electric arc. This heat is further used to melt consumable electrode and base plates metal which solidify together and makes a strong joint.

The shielded gases are also supplied through nozzle which protect the weld zone from other reactive gases. This gives good surface finish and a stronger joint.

In this type of welding process, a DC power supply is used with reverse polarity. Reverse polarity means the electrode or in case of MIG welding electrode wire is connected positive terminal and work piece to negetive terminal.

So reverse polarity ensures that the maximum amount of heat liberate at tool side which melt the filler metal in proper way. Straight polarity can cause unstable arc that result into large spatter.

Principle of Gas Welding (With Diagram)

The power source consist a power supply, a transformer, a rectifier which change AC into DC and some electronic controls which control the current supply according to weld requirement. We know that MIG welding needs continuous consumable electrode supply for welding two plates.

This consumable electrode used in form of wire. These wire is continuously supplied by wire feed mechanism or system. It controls the speed of the wire and also pushes the wire form welding torch to welding area.

These are available in different shapes and sizes.

Principles of welding

It consist a wire pool holder, a driving motor, a set of driving rollers and wire feed controls. The wire feed speed is directly control the current supply through power supply. If the wire feeding speed is high, it required more current in welding zone to produce proper heat for melting of it.

This torch is slightly different as used in TIG welding. In this torch there is a mechanism which hold the wire and supply it continuously with the help of wire feed.In hot gas (air) welding, the heat transfer medium is a heated gas, in general clean air.

Welding Processes

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Principles of arc welding [SubsTech]

Dr. Dmitri Kopeliovich Arc welding is a welding process, in which heat is generated by an electric arc struck between an electrode and the work piece.. Electric arc is luminous electrical discharge between two electrodes through ionized gas..

Any arc welding method is based on an electric circuit consisting of the following parts.

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