The influence of meip geis essay

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The influence of meip geis essay

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Nicola's emphasis in history are Ancient Civilizations, but she also likes to take classes about the 20th century. In the future Nicola plans on becoming a teacher and opening dance programs at schools that do not have programs. Abstract back to top Altruism is unique in that it must be present in a society for the population to survive.

In this essay it explores how altruism exists in a society and since it does exist how it existed during the Holocaust.

The essay explains certain rescuers and applies them to the criteria to be considered altruistic. Through the essay people will get the idea of how important these altruistic rescuers were to the survival of many Jews targeted by Nazi ideology.

This is one of, if not the darkest chapters in history. The survivors of the Holocaust make this moment in time unforgettable and provide proof of those ghastly years under Nazi power.

Acts of altruism during the course of World War II were rare and thus it The influence of meip geis essay said by commentators that: During the Nazi regime altruistic people went against the political power of the state to save Jewish lives for three main reasons: Also, in general they needed the ability and resources to protect Jewish lives.

In other words, it is a selfless act by a person who helps another to benefit other persons. Altruism, however, was not popular among the social scientists of the time. Nonetheless, as altruism does exist, its main purpose is for the survival of the society as a whole.

As Emile Durkheim explains: Without altruism on the behalf of certain people then the society would perish.

The influence of meip geis essay

The dictionary definition of altruism: It can be problematic because the act itself can be rewarding. However, the reward for the rescuer would be that they did the right thing and would have personal satisfaction.

In examining altruistic acts we either disregard the inner satisfaction because we do not know a persons inner psyche or consider internal pleasure as a motive to the act rather than a reward from the act.

To make it clear; to determine if the act was altruistic or not altruistic the reward must be defined as an outer satisfaction because the inner satisfaction cannot be understood or known. For an act to be considered altruistic there are certain criteria that must be met. Altruism is unique in that a person must act without accepting any reward but what is even more unique is that it was present during a time of chaos and war.

What makes the Holocaust rescues different from normal altruistic behaviors is time. Ordinary altruistic acts last about a couple of minutes whereas during the Holocaust altruistic acts could last for years because of the duration of World War II and the power of the Nazi regime.

The duration of these altruistic acts last is what makes altruism particularly to explore during the Holocaust.

Before examining examples of altruistic acts, the personalities of the people, who are considered altruistic, are captivating because they believe that what they did is the human thing.

Not only do the criteria of altruism need to be met for the act to be considered altruistic but also the actor has to go through a change to be considered altruistic.

This transformation arises to maintain a psychological equilibrium. As the rise of Nazi power in Europe began, so did the discomfort from of people living in the state. The discomfort caused disunity to the self.

This disunity would become a catalyst for some bystanders to become rescuers and to find psychological equilibrium. One event that was influential to the transformation was Kristallnacht.

The reaction from this night explains that those who were not radically involved in the Nazi party were ashamed of the government that ran their country.

People witnessed firsthand the violence directed towards undesirable persons and opened their the eyes to reality of Nazism. There is no question that Kristallnacht helped rescuers and bystanders to decide to move away from the Nazi party and decide to take action in an altruistic way, and their decision eventually saved Jewish lives.

Kristallnacht, however, was only a catalyst for rescuers to act because rescuers are literally chosen by nature to act in altruistic ways.

While the rising resentment of the Nazi government began, so did the transformation of people into altruistic rescuers. But what is important to understand is that even though these rescuers were undergoing a transformation due to external sources of discomfort, their transformation was also contributed to an innate biological factor.Hermine "Miep" Gies Gies gave the collection of papers and notebooks to the sole survivor from the Secret Annex, Otto Frank.

After transcribing sections for his family, his daughter's literary ability became apparent and he arranged for the book's publication in Students engage in living history through listening to digital recordings and interviews.

Plan your minute lesson in English / Language Arts or Literature with helpful tips from Elizabeth Slaine. Jan 12,  · Having married a Dutch social worker, Jan Gies, in , Miep Gies joined with him and three other employees of Mr. Frank’s business in sheltering the eight Jews and caring for their daily needs.

The protectors risked death if caught by the Nazis.

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Miep Gies (2/15//12/) opposed the holocaust by aiding the Jews from the Germans. She was one of many Dutch saviors of the Holocaust. For over two years, she administered food, shelter, companionship, and news of the outside world to eight Jewish people.

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