The smart house system essay

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The smart house system essay

Vehicle detection systems; and Plant and pet monitoring systems. While science fiction writers, such as Ray Bradburydepicted these homes throughout much of the 20th century, their genesis lies in the development of the systems that comprise them.

The first 20 years of the 20th century saw the invention of the vacuum cleaner, dryer, washing machine, iron, and toaster. The first smart device was created approximately 45 years later. Known as the ECHO IV, it could turn home appliances on and off and control home temperatures; unfortunately, it did not sell well.

Home automation technologies began to be built into luxury dwellings decades ago. The automation of simple tasks saves us time — time that could be spent on our families, our careers, or other passions, which is a strong selling proposition.

Smart homes also have the potential to be greener and cheaper: Automation and centralized control have serious benefits for family caregivers. By integrating home healthcare equipment, such as monitoring and diagnostic tools, smart homes could simplify the caregiving process for the hundreds of millions of adults worldwide who care for an elderly, ailing, or infirm parent or relative.

For example, a smart home might allow you to monitor the movements of a relative suffering from dementia. IoT involves the integration of digital and wireless technologies in physical objects and systems, especially those historically unconnected.

IoT has The smart house system essay ramifications for the future of smart homes: Security systems Security is a major focus of smart home systems. Advanced smart security systems can notify you remotely if there has been an intrusion, detect vehicles approaching your home, automatically lock your doors, provide room-by-room surveillance, and so much more.

The market research firm Allied Market Research projects that the global smart homes and buildings market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of No matter what is the final number, the market, experts agree, is growing, and rapidly.

The smart house system essay

This growth is driven, in part, by the rising tablet market. Smart home DIYers have increasingly found the tablet as an effective remote control to manage all of the systems commonly found in a smart home.

Additional drivers include the decreasing costs of smart technologies; increased government regulation regarding energy consumption; increased energy costs; increased consumer awareness of, and concern about, the environment; and consumer security concerns.

Linking disparate systems The smart home market is fragmented, at present. Limited functionality Integrating devices from disparate vendors often results in limited functionality and unreliable service.

Further, many systems on the market have complex interfaces that limit the functionality of smart homes. Finally, app-based smart home systems, while cheaper than fully custom integrated systems, have more limited functionality than full systems.

The smart house system essay

Costs Fully integrated custom systems are expensive and often require a consultant to install them, and structural changes to the home, both costs of course tacked on to the price of the system itself. This of course, does not include the costs of maintenance and repair. Awareness Due to the market fragmentation and limited existing consumer adoption, there is little mainstream awareness of what is currently available.

The market is almost entirely comprised of the wealthy who are offered the features as part of either new construction or relatively new high-end homes on the market; and do-it-yourselfers DIYers.

Other The overall demand for housing has a significant impact on the overall demand for smart homes, as many smart home technologies are purchased by construction companies, and integrated into new residential construction.

A weak housing market may influence existing homeowners to attempt to increase the value of their homes through home improvement projects, which may include smart home technology integration.

Another serious concern is the potential for criminals to hack into a smart home system. This has serious implications as smart home systems generally integrate home security systems in addition to others. A recent study by Hewlett-Packard revealed that different security flaws existed in 10 popular smart home devices.

The user interfaces of six of the 10 devices tested had issues such as persistent XSS, poor session management, weak default credentials and credentials transmitted in clear text. Some consumers quickly grew tired of the automation because they chafed under the imposed structure.


Rival software firms Apple and Google are two major players in this marketspace. Apple is designing a software platform to control smart home devices, and is in talks with a group of retailers to incorporate it into their devices.

Their products range from systems consisting of a starter kit that can be controlled by a remote and access to an app-based ecosphere, to an ecosystem of integrated products.

SmartThings and Revolv, for example, consists of an app that supports multiple wireless adapters.So, the SMART HOUSE system is designed to be installed in a new house. Moreover, the system can be installed in a home undergoing reconstruction where walls have been completely exposed.

The SMART HOUSE Consortium is investigating a number of different option to more easily install the SMART HOUSE system in an existing home. Smart homes don't just allow us to avert accidental house fires from unattended ovens.

These homes also allow us to keep our loved ones safe. Security systems can be installed that allow owners to monitor the comings and goings of guests and alert you when suspicious activity is detected.

Whether it’s an automatic coffee maker, a thermostat, or an entire home security system, many families are making their homes a little bit smarter, and a lot more convenient. Unfortunately, as with most things, a smart home has its advantages and disadvantages.

Weiss continues, a smart home is more than simply having a few connected devices in the home that make certain elements of home life easier.

build a relationship between computer and home. The SMART HOUSE is a home management system that allows home owners to easily manage their daily lives by providing for a lifestyle that brings together security, energy management, entertainment, communications, and lighting features.

So, the SMART HOUSE system is designed to be installed in a new house. Some people think that it is difficult to find a relationship between home and computer. Usually people think that computer just using in a company and office. It is a misleading concept as we have a.

The complete SMART HOUSE System has been available since early In a, people build.

Smart house essay class 1